The NYC Promise for Education

  • The NYCPromise is an educational program designed to make a college education both accessible and affordable to New York City high school graduates. When fully operational it will provide funding equal to the tuition at CUNY colleges (net of other scholarships or grants) for use at any university, college, community college or vocational school. It provides as well grants to cover books and additional expenses.
  • Supporting the scholarship program is an array of services for students carried out through “Pathfinder Clubs" which provide tools and incentives for students in order that they may improve performance and achieve college and career readiness.
  • The program focuses on the promotion of STEM* studies leading to STEM specialism at the college level and vocational school levels and to STEM- related careers.
  • As part of its mission, NYCPromise encourages and promotes STEM initiatives in New York City.
*Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic

Welcome to NYCPromise! In its first phase we are planning and are in the process of developing a platform for the dissemination of STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and for providing unconditional scholarship funds to New York City high school graduates in order that they can finance four years of college tuition at CUNY tuition levels and be able to undertake their STEM studies as free from financial stress as possible. A critical component of our program is the introduction of Pathfinder Clubs into those public schools with which we work where science professionals can inspire the student to a career in science, by providing him and her with real models of success who will explain how the challenges met were overcome. The professional will describe the real world conditions and opportunities in the relevant discipline and advise the student about how to prepare for a pathway to his or her goal. This is not about academics; this is about how to get ready to build a life in the real economic world. That world is filled both with unlimited opportunity and with barriers to be met.

We are living in an Age of Technology that conditions how we live and how we learn. There are many different opinions on how education should be delivered to today’s students, but there is an inescapable fact that economic value will be largely created by the application of science and technology. This is a foundational fact supporting the NYCPromise platform.

Events in this world are unfolding with great energy and intensity and nowhere more than in New York City. The city is fast becoming again what it once was -- the global center for scientific research. Cornell NYC Tech, a joint venture between Cornell University and the Technion of Israel, is building a $2 billion campus for study and scientific research on Roosevelt Island; Google now has its second largest engineering facility in Manhattan; Microsoft is installing a large research facility in New York. Rockefeller University is a world-beating center for research in the Life Sciences. The New York Genome Center is transforming bio-medical research. Silicon Alley is fast approaching Silicon Valley as a home for venture capital finance. In the period between 2003 and 2012, venture capital deals in New York rose 32% while falling 11% in the nation as a whole.

The implication of these developments in New York City is clear. Their fruition demands leaders, creators, entrepreneurs, professionals and technicians well-schooled and well trained in STEM disciplines for the opportunities and challenges ahead. There is a strong foundation to build upon - great universities, CUNY, a large and ethnically diversified public school system with a growing and flowering charter school segment, great independent schools and a high tech worker community that has increased from 33,000 jobs in 2003 to 52,000 jobs today.

Where will the money come from? Federal, state and local governments are becoming tapped out. Most concerned is the private sector, for the needs for skilled workers is at the heart of their future. They can support our schools through and beyond the charitable contributions of their philanthropic foundations and come to the awareness that STEM donations are essential to their future operations. We will be active in making these points.

Much, much more needs to be done to meet the requirements for scientists and technologists in the years ahead. NYCPromise can play a meaningful role in the cultivation of new STEM talent. We ask you to watch us, judge us and support us as we carry out our mission. There is an exciting future before us.

Hal Goldstein
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